Official announcement of the Collaborative Research Center: Isolated Quantum Systems and Universality in Extreme Conditions (ISOQUANT) June 2016

The understanding of isolated quantum systems in extreme conditions requires the resolution of outstanding open questions, which are relevant for a wide range of topical applications from particle and nuclear physics to atomic and condensed matter physics. The focus of the Collaborative Research Center 1225 concerns research on strongly interacting systems experimentally realised in unitary quantum gases, strongly coupled quark-gluon matter and highly charged hydrogenlike ions. Together they allow us to probe more than twenty orders of magnitude in energy scale. ISOQUANT brings together research groups from the Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Kirchhoff Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics at the University of Heidelberg and scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg and the Technical University of Vienna (Austria).

In the context of this new center we will carry out a new project on the dynamics of quantum spin systems with long-range interactions using Rydberg atoms!

For more information:
Official announcement from the University of Heidelberg
Official webpage of the SFB1225 ISOQUANT (under construction)