Exotic Quantum Matter Group Heidelberg

EQM group at the Physics Institute, University of Heidelberg From left to right: Philipp Fabritius, Alda Arias, Graham Lochead, Stephan Helmrich, Shannon Whitlock, Tobias Wintermantel and Henrik Hirzler.

Alda Arias

Physikalisches Institut
Universität Heidelberg
INF 226
69120  Heidelberg

Phone   +49-(0)6221-54-19494
Fax       +49-(0)6221-54-19545

Publications by Alda Arias

2017A versatile, high-power 460nm laser system for Rydberg excitation of ultracold potassium,
Alda Arias, Stephan Helmrich, Christoph Schweiger, Lynton Ardizzone, Graham Lochead, Shannon Whitlock,
preprint arXiv:1702.02957 (2017)

Scaling of a long-range interacting quantum spin system driven out of equilibrium,
Stephan Helmrich, Alda Arias, Shannon Whitlock,
preprint arXiv:1605.08609 (2017)

2016Two-body interactions and decay of three-level Rydberg-dressed atoms,
S Helmrich, A Arias, N Pehoviak, S Whitlock,
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 49, 03LT02 (2016) [pdf]