Exotic quantum matter

June 2016: Official announcement of the Collaborative Research Center: Isolated Quantum Systems and Universality in Extreme Conditions (ISOQUANT)

April 2016: Construction site - upgrades underway!

January 2016: Two-body interactions and decay of three-level Rydberg-dressed atoms published in Journal of Physics B

September 2015: Congratulations Alda Arias on the award of a doctoral fellowship from the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics

August 2015: Correlated Exciton Transport in Rydberg-Dressed-Atom Spin Chains published in Physical Review Letters

June 2015: First experimental results presented at the International Conference on Rydberg Physics in Durham

March 2015: Congratulations Stephan Helmrich on the award of a stipend from the Carl-Zeiss foundation

March 2015: Ultracold potassium in an optical dipole trap

January 2015: Coherent Rydberg excitations available

October 2014: Baby-MOT of fermionic Potassium

September 2014: First 3D-trapped atoms!

April 2014: First ultracold potassium !

March 2014: Emergence 2014: Shedding light on emergent quantum phenomena symposium a success !

November 2013: Dynamics of dipole-mediated Rydberg energy transport published in Science!

October 2013: New frequency doubled laser system for exciting Rydberg states of Potassium installed!

October 2013: We welcome new post-doc Valentin Ivannikov to the group!

July 2013: Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger-Prize 2013 awarded to Christoph Hofmann, Eva Kuhnle, and Shannon Whitlock

May 2013: Sub-Poissonian statistics of Rydberg-interacting dark-state polaritons published in Physical Review Letters

April 2013: We have moved into the new Physics Institute!